It aims people who are not yet familiar with Tantra and who want to enjoy a sensory experience, intense and relaxing at the same time. This session ends with the lingam massage.

This type of massage may last 40 or 60 minutes and it is performed on a massage table.

€ 40,00 for 40 min.

€ 55,00 for 60 min.


In Tantra the main purpose is to reactivate the vital energy and spread it throughout the body. 

In this type of massage, after relaxing the frontal of the body by multiple and different massaging, from softer to more intense stimulations, the sexual energy is activated by focusing the genital area with more than 20 different techniques. It is a progressive increase of feelings that flows throughout the body until reaching the climax.

This type of massage lasts 1 hour and it is performed on a massage table.

Price € 55,00


This massage works on the back side of the body, starting with a deep relaxation of legs, head, shoulder and buttocks. Then, with soft touches, it goes to the perianal area, in order to awake sensations until reaching the anal zone with a careful finger massage that even people who are not used to it, will feel comfortable and relaxed.

With different body postures and through many peculiar techniques, the massage will be performed all inside the anus and prostate, arousing endless sensations which will lead to multi-orgasmic feelings.  

This type of massage lasts 1 hour and it is performed on a massage table.

Price € 55,00

S.E.X (S.exual E.nergy eX.change)

SEXUAL ENERGY EXCHANGE: it is a highly demanded interactive session, where there is a "body to body" contact and a particularly intense energy exchange. In this session the person not only will experience both genital and prostate massage techniques, but he also will have complete freedom to express any kind of sensations received and exchange them with the masseur.

This type of session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes and it is carried out on a tatami.

Price € 110,00


This session is intended exclusively for persons who had a previous experience with other types of sessions (genital/anal-prostate/S.E.X.) and/or have participated in my tantric workshops and who want to achieve an even deeper level in Tantra. Its goal, the FUSION of the SACRED SEXUAL energy, is achieved with a continuous and progressive practice throughout the session of various techniques, where not only you will assimilate them by receiving and experiencing them in person, but also by consolidating their learning, by doing them to the masseur. This session opens the doors to an erogenous, polymorph and sacred sexuality.

It lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes and it is carried out on a tatami.

Price € 160,00


This session is intended for couples who want to share together a tantric massage. An active participation is requested in order to better enjoy and understand the experience from a more involving perspective. The two persons alternatively receive a full body massage and also both tantric techniques (genital and anal/prostate). While the masseur is massaging various parts of the body, one of the partner intervenes in areas untouched by the therapist trying to emulate his movements but not only! Here it is important to let themselves flow and try to transmit to the other with body and hands, all feelings arising from inside.

By doing so, both will be able to experience directly (when giving the massage) and indirectly (when receiving it), the multiple sensations and the strong energy generated. At the same time, practising the massage actively, makes easy to replicate it later in privacy. This type of session is the adaption for couples, of the S.E.X. session (S.exual E.nergy eX.change), being equally interactive and complete since it encompasses all tantric techniques.

Its aim is to achieve a high level of sensations and a deep connection that finally leads into the fusion of the three energies.

The duration is approximately 2 hours and is performed on a tatami.

Price € 195.00