What is a tantric Massage?

The Tantric massage is a way to achieve the spiritual elevation through a sensory experience that awakens our vital sexual energy and it expands it throughout our whole body.
When we allow ourselves to a widest range of feelings, we can easily breake patterns and be free of social limitations. We open ourselves to a deeper dimension of being and gradually a full awarness of what we really are in our totality. The Tantric massage is characterized by its spiritual aspect, expressed by honoring the sacredness of our body that houses our soul and by expanding the feelings awakened on the surface, to the deepest level of the chakras.

It may also be seen as another form of meditation. The Tantric massage is not a fixed sequence of specific manipulations, but a form of massage, personalized with special touches and contacts. So each session, being made to different kinds of people, can not be standardized with a set routine. Furthermore the effects of the tantric massage cannot be easily predictable. Its main objective is to expand the latent and unexpressed emotions, so we cannot even imagine what kind of unexpressed feeling might arise. The sensitivity of the masseur is fundamental in order to recognize, according to the emotional and energetic state of the person, which kind of "path" must be undertaken. For achieving a smooth and fluid “emotional-energetic dialogue”, a continous adaption of the techniques is requested, dependind on the reaction individually received.

Everything can be “Tantra”. The experience becomes “tantric”, when we turn off our mind, connect ourselves with our deep Essence and start feeling and observing what surrounds us without judging it. This can occur smelling a flower, watching a sunset, cooking, eating... and of course with a massage. The sequence of a Tantric massage is the art of sailing over the waves of pleasure.

The skin marks the visable boundary of our body and its point of contact with the outside world. By doing this massage, we will discover that our body is not limited by the skin.

Our sensations and feelings will be amplified on a cyclic succession of “energy waves” that, through a total abandoned status, will lead us to a pleasent extra-body journery. If just a simple caress can turn our sensory system on, it is easy to imagine how many more feelings and sensations, a tantric massage would be able to awake. The tantric experience, through a deep contact and sensory awakening, allows the Sacred Union with the Universal Energy that is What we are and all come from.