What is it for?

Having a Tantric massage allows us to achieve the good balance between body and mind and progressively makes us free from limiting thought patterns, conditioning, internal injuries and moral limitations. Quickly we will note positive results in our energy level, in our psychological-emotional-sexual sphere and in releasing tension and stress. The way we perceive ourselves and the world around us, may also change. This includes as well the release and reactivation of our sexual energy, that will be now able to freely flow throughout the body, along our “meridians”, positively affecting all aspects of our life.

The skin is the thin line between the inner and outer world and hands, a transmission and reception tool, are often able to penetrate deep inside our Being, in order to transmit us energy, wellness and quiteness, loosening knots and tension. As it always happens in any inner growth path, it must be remembered that results vary from person to person, as everybody is different even from one session to the next one.