How is it performed?

The Tantric massage is performed both naked. By this way a sharpen and wider skin sensitivity is activated and a greater sense of freedom is achieved. During the session, body’s energies are stimulated to flow more smoothly. This will improve the perception of our senses, allowing to a deeper understanding of ourselves, both inside and outside.

The massage is done with different intensity, from very soft touches, almost a tickling, to progressive increasing stronger pressions. However, above all, it is the inner attitude of the two persons, looking for the fusion of both energies, that gives the true “tantric touch” to massage. The entire body, without exception, is massaged, including the genitals. Genital stimulation is not merely focused on ejaculatory pleasure, but considers genitals like any other part of the body without moral preconceptions. Many sensory determinations are abounding in this important area, which is the sexual energy center where first chakra resides. The aim is to expand this powerful sexual energy from the root chakra, throughout all body in order to experience more powerful orgasmic sensations, that converts our body into the “Holy Temple” of our soul.

There are NO “taboos” areas for our Spirit!

Often misinformation and incorrect knowledge make some people consider a tantric massage as a purely sexual and erotic massage. 'Though, with no aim to denigrate this type of therapy, a tantric session is more than this. It's a great opportunity for meditation and self-expansion; a continuous deep inner listening. It is the total integration of our body and soul that aims to connect with the Universal Energy, from which we all come. The Tantric massage is done in different ways and the feelings and the effects produced by it are totally subjective and vary from person to person, as each one has a different body and a different response to the massage, due to their personal background, sensitivity, traumas, personality. The same person may also experience the massage every time in different ways, as our emotional state changes continuously even with small nuances.

However, in general, we can say that a deep sense of freedom, peace, harmony and balance may be successfully achieved. The “tantric touch” is a powerful tool that reactivates our Awareness, which is the only real goal of Tantra.

The sensitivity and intuition of the masseur will help us to connect with ourselves, allowing easily to set us in the present moment, in the "here and now". It is a guided meditation journey through the sensuality that awakens our consciousness and reconnects us with our inner Being expanding it more and more.